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“You are what you wear.” Before, clothing was a necessity for protection against weather only. Concept has changed today and clothing is now a social prestige.

Garment refers to all those readymade wearing items mass produced from garment industry. Demand for Garment industry is ever increasing within country with increasing population. Desire of human nature to be seen in new and new appearance is also responsible for increasing the scope of garment industry. Due to time factor, traditional manual tailoring is also gradually replaced with garment industry.

Garment industry is one of flourishing business of Nepal. Millions of Nepalese are directly and indirectly depend in garment industry. After 4-5 years boom, it was heavily crashed. The reasons behind it were quality aspects as well as inappropriate government policies. During this time, large numbers of firms in this sector were shut down. Very few exist now and this industry has more challenges to face. On this background, establishment of garment industry with proper quality control will be a succeed business. Millions of rupees per year are flown to international market to import readymade garments. This is also the reason for trade deficit in Nepal.

Bhadrakali Sport Pvt. Ltd. was established in Bhadrakali & Kalanki in Kathmandu District to fulfill the demand of readymade garments of domestic market, to balance the trade to some extent as well as creation of employment opportunities. Bhadrakali Sports Wear is one of the highly recognized sports wear destinations among all the Nepalese including single and institutions.

Bhadrakali Sport Pvt. Ltd. is to extend its services with a target of producing 3000 pieces daily of readymade items including ladies Sport wear, T-shirt, Gents T-shirt, Half pant, Wrapper. Raw materials needed to these are hardly available in Kathmandu & it is imported from neighboring countries like China, Japan, India, Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Bangladesh and Malaysia. Major market of output is Kathmandu and vicinities then come Pokhara, Syanja, Narayangarh, Dhankuta, Baglung, Butawal, Bhairahawa and other major cities of Nepal.

Message From Chairman

Our Vision of Making Bhadrakali Sports Pvt. Ltd. “Your Favourite Sports & Garments Company” is an endless pursuit of excellence in a competitive market where we set trends. Bhadrakali Sports is driven by an energetic and customer friendly team of highly skilled and proven workforce. The satisfaction of our customers and the quality of our products are two key areas where we do not compromise on. We base our strategies on current global market trends where our products and services are of a superior quality because we believe our customers deserve the best. We take pride in the fact that our customers regard our products and services as superior to that of our competitors. We carry the motto “Quality product, Reasonable price & Perfect service”

Over the 30 years of our existence, we have grown and moulded our business with long term strategies and targets. We have also established our brand name - Bhadrakali Sports Wear (BSW) on the long run of our successful business. We are proud to have a satisfied list of customers including Nepal Army, APF Nepal, Sports Council, ANFA, CAAN and other schools, colleges, sports clubs and private firms. Each and every member of our strong team has goals and targets to achieve in order for the company to achieve its objectives. We at Bhadrakali Sports believe that our customers are our partners and their growth is directly linked to ours. The trust that our customers have placed in us is valued very highly and we are working to make the bonds even stronger

When it comes to sports materials, look no further than Bhadrakali Sports - a complete sports destination.


The broad objective of the proposed project is to contribute to national economy as well as employment creation.

The specific objectives are:

  • To fulfill the demand of readymade garment items of City & domestic market.
  • To prepare locally suit readymade items.
  • To reduce import of garment items so as to balance the trade deficit.
  • To develop local market.
  • To encourage establishing cotton mills within country to produce raw materials locally.
  • To generate foreign currency if government assures place in qimu system.
  • To improve the lifestyle of our consumers with easy accessibility on affordable high quality products.
  • Provide value for our clients and their needs.
  • Set high standards on customer service.

Raw Materials

Raw materials for garment can be classified in two categories-

  • Clothes for different items
  • Other finishing items

Finishing items like thread, button, chemicals, labels, plastic for packing, needle, elastic, packing tape etc. are easily available in market, Bit clothes for different items aren’t easily available in this market. Only few suppliers are found in local market. It can be easily 7 found in India, China, Thailand & other countries. Therefore the large portion of raw materials should import from neighboring countries like India, China & Thailand. Sometimes importer should face problems in custom. If transport is delayed sometime, it will directly affect on production. It can be overcome by stocking raw materials for high demanding season like Dashain and Tihar.


There are both simple, specific and advanced technology is used. It is just some modification of our traditional manual tailoring & some specific and advanced technology. Basically, in cutting process, folders are made and electric cutting machine is used and can cut more than 200 folders at once. Screen print machine comprises of frames and net that can print more than 60 pieces at once

High-speed electric sewer machines enhance the speed of sewing of cutting pieces. Over locking and buttoning is done with electric and manual operated machines. Embroider machine adds value and attraction for final products and Ironing is based on steaming system.

Basically, finishing of final products consists of ironing, labeling and packaging. Finally, different products are stocked differently for dispatch to the market.

Target Customers /Clients

As this garment industry produces garments of medium price, it targets the consumers From medium to high economic status. This industry produces multicolored (colorful) garment, sport accessories, which are favored by different groups of people of this country. Tracksuit, Raincoat. T-shirt are produced for all aged ladies and gents where as half pant is only for all aged man. Baby suit is targeted for child only and sport shoes mainly for game players

The company is dedicated to serve the following group but not limited to:

  • Individuals
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Sports Academy
  • Fitness Centre
  • Army and Police
  • Bank and Institutions
  • and others.

Production Process

Production process comprises a no. of subsequent steps. Tt is shown in chain.

It takes maximum 5 days to turn raw materials to final product. Stock consists of 5-10 days on store/show room. The advance ordered production delivered within 1-2 days in the concerning organization. Besides, the already ordered items, the remaining product.

Our Clients

Nepal Army




Nepal Bank Ltd.

Nepal Rastra Bank

Surya Nepal


Nepal Olympic Committee

Nepal Apf School

Sainik Aawasiya Mabi

Rastriya Banijya Bank


SC Bank Nepal

Nepal Telecom

Bottlers Nepal Ltd

DHL Nepal

Edu Sanjal

Kathmandu University

Media Hub

University Sports Association


Mahindra Nepal

National Sports Council

Commerz & Trust Bank Nepal

Dish Home


ACE Development Bank Ltd

Yamaha Nepal

Plan Nepal

Nepal Police School

Gorkha United Public

Great Gurkhas



Himalaya TV


Kevin Rohan Eco Foundation

Granville Kewpie Soccer Club

Direction Nepal

Pathshala Nepal

Lincoln School

Premier College

Digital Cinema Nepal

National Insurance

Mills Berry

Central Bal Sansar

Mandala Theatre Nepal


Chand bagh School

CTV mobile

Kumari Yuva Club

Rato Bangala School

Holidays Creation

Snowy Horizon Treks

Euro Kids